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The whole world is always offering up information.
We can meet in person or online.  A reading is also a lovely gift! 
Go for the deep dive with a personal consultation or bring on the connection at your event.      

I have been reading tarot since 1986 and professionally for private clients and events since 1997.  They're flash cards for your intuition.  Comprehensive symbolism and nearly limitless combinations of evocative imagery make tarot a great tool to share interpretations with the querent.  Flexibility is its strength. 

At events, guests receive focused, personal attention in a festive atmosphere.  And even for large scale gatherings, yes/no questions can mean lots of guests can receive a thoughtful, confidential result. Tarot is a fun and meaningful way to engage friends, family and associates for corporate and personal parties - and I'm happy to dress in theme, harmonizing with your event's aesthetic.  Private sessions, with more time on your side, allow for the most depth.

This classic and luxurious read is more intimate and free form.  The querent drinks the loose tea and swishes the cup, leaving a trail of story.   It takes more time and tends to bring up spiritual elements in a question.  Tarot is a good add-on, to pick cards while sipping.  Tea leaf readings are very good for small parties and private consultations.

This is a newer format created by Jilly Eddy.  Querents kiss a card and much is revealed about the personality, similar to a handwriting analysis. I offer a lipstick to keep if you don't want to use your own, and wipes for those who prefer not to wear it after the initial press.  Guests always keep the card with their marked kiss and the keywords as a keepsake.  Blank cards are provided but pre-printed ones can add value to the gift.  Fun for parties, surprisingly uncanny.

For events, Astrology and Numerology reads are done with a computer and charts can be emailed afterwards if a printer is not available.  Privately, these can also be written up without meeting and make good gifts. 

Numerology is the study of a numerical value to letters in words and names. I tend to use the Pythagorean system but if you prefer another system, that can be offered.