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Gabrielle Heron

I am a bilingual, multi-media performance artist of Cuban and Irish descent.  The self-wedding installation/performance called "‘Til Death Do You Part. Marry Yourself!” (performed as Gabrielle St. Evensen and also Penabaz, my birth surname) has enjoyed success across the United States since 2006 in versions ranging from festivals like the Burning Man Project (curated), Figment Festival, The New Orleans Biennial - via KK Projects, Spill Festival of Performance at the Shunt Vaults in London, and as an Art Production Fund resident at the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas to bespoke private ceremonies.

An artist integrates technical knowledge with aesthetics and instinct honed over time. There is a lot of overlap over the years and everything I do benefits from these experiences. It's all a mix of event planning and inspiration, working with all manner of people as a Rock Band leader, Live MC, Radio DJ, Actor, and Filmmaker.

The performance-art weddings revealed unexpected understanding and now I officiate traditional weddings as well. My voiceovers for commercial and theatre pieces use the same skillset as recording music. Combined with a love of the esoteric, creating well-produced meditations is one of my latest pleasures. And naturally, reading for someone is all about connecting.

Now, I want to go further and have decided on the name Gabrielle Heron for my public facing work. While the "encouraging priestess" tag began in fun, I believe the priestess calling comes in many forms to serve by tuning into people's needs - bridging the spiritual, mental and the emotional into the physical plane and back.